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You can send payment through PayPal, but please send it by Friends and Family, just put name of goat in the notes section. Our PayPal email address is ricketts4@centurylink.net

You can send a check for the deposit also, but will need cash at pickup.

Kids can be reserved with a $100 non-refundable deposit, and picked up when weaned at 8 weeks or sooner if you want to bottle feed. Deposit on adult goats is half the asking price.

Kids will come with ADGA  and AGS registration paperwork. Kids are disbudded, if they are not polled, and will be wormed, and have their CDT shot prior to leaving to their new home.


Please email with any questions!  

Mail: ricketts4farm@gmail.com

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Ricketts 4 Cocoa


Sire: Serendipity Acres Royal Blue

Sire: Piddlin Acres Redneck Carnival

Dam: Ricketts 4 Fancy Blue

Dam: Ricketts 4 Blue Bell

Sire:  Ricketts 4 PF Jax

Dam: Buffalo Clover Bon Bon

Doe - $300

Older Goats For Sale:

CAE & Johne’s Negative 5/2019

Lost Valley MI Bristol Bay



Sire: Lost Valley RP Miles *S

Sire: Lost Valley TM RelntiesPursuit *S

Dam: ARMCH  Lost Valley Lace  2*D

Dam: Lost Valley TM Kiska Sea  2*D

Sire:  Lost Valley ML Toby Mac *S

Dam: Lost Valley HLB Seabrooke  *D

Bristol is a very nice long doe. She is currently open and ready for the breeding pen. She comes from great genetics in the Lost Valley herd line. She has such great potential. And, did I mention how LONG she is!!! Bristol is still shy and does not walk well on a lead at this time, but will continue to work with her.


Buffalo Clover Romeo *B



Sire: CH/MCH/PGCH Buffalo Clover Valentino ++B +S       Dam: GCH/MCH Little Tots Estate NuNu 3*M

Sire: Buffalo Clover Sugar Daddy                                                                                            Sire: GCH SM3Pines PT Tsaber +*B

Dam: Five Alarm Sophia *D                                                                                                      Dam: GCH Little Tots Estate Cyclamen 2*M


NuNu photos @ Buffalo Clover Farm

For Sale


Lost Valley HP Sugar Bear *S *B



Sire: Lost Valley PG Hot Pursuit  *S *B        Dam: Lost Valley HLB Tenacity  *D *M

Sire: MCH/GCH Lost Valley KW Pegasus  +*S  +*B                                 Sire: Lost Valley BDC Little Bear  +*S

Dam: Lost Valley ML Hallelujah  4*D  3*M                                                   Dam: Lost Valley DAX Revelation

Tenacity udder photo @ Lost Valley Nigerians

For Sale


Romeo is a wonderful buck who has helped shape our herd for many years. This one will be hard to part with, but choices are made, and I am keeping his look a like son. He throws very correct kids with awesome mammary’s, great body structure. He is friendly and easy to work with!

Sugar Bear is a handsome fellow, he is getting better everyday. We had his first kids this year and very pleased with them. He needs to be worked with, he is still shy, and does have scurs. He comes from great genetics and know he will be a great herd sire.

Buffalo Clover Zinfandel




Sire: Rosasharn NP Paulownia *B

Sire:  Rosasharn AX Noble Prince

Dam: Rosasharn Princess Linden Tree

Dam: Buffalo Clover Chardonnay

Sire:  Little Tots Estate Maserati

Dam: GCH/PGCH Buffalo Clover Chianti 1*M


Ricketts 4 PF Mayzee



Sire: TX Twincreeks E Portofino

Sire: Pecan Hollow C Total Eclipse

Dam: MCH/CH TX Twincreeks WDF Sarafina 2*M 5*D

Dam: Lost Valley ML Marissa

Sire: MCH Lost Valley Malachi +*S/+B

Dam: Lost Valley JUM Miley

Ricketts 4 RO Myla



Sire: Buffalo Clover Romeo *B

Sire: CH/MCH/PGCH Buffalo Clover Valentino *B +S

Dam: CH Little Tots Estate NuNu 3*M

Dam: Lost Valley ML Marissa

Sire: MCH Lost Valley Malachi +*S/+B

Dam: Lost Valley JUM Miley