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Kids can be reserved with a $100 non-refundable deposit, and picked up when weaned at 8 weeks or sooner if you want to bottle feed. Deposit on adult goats is half the asking price.

Kids will come with ADGA  and AGS registration paperwork. Kids are disbudded, if they are not polled, and will be wormed, and have their CDT shot prior to leaving to their new home.


Please email with any questions!  

Mail: ricketts4farm@gmail.com

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Ricketts 4 RO Maserati




Dam: Buffalo Clover Tiger Lily

Sire:  Kae Bar Te CAD Coupe

Dam: Buffalo Clover Malarkey

Sire: Buffalo Clover Romeo *B

Sire: CH/MCH/PGCH Buffalo Clover Valentino *B +S

Dam: CH Little Tots Estate NuNu 3*M

Ricketts 4 TX Memphis






Dam: Ricketts 4 RO Myla

Sire:  Buffalo Clover Romeo *B

Dam: Lost Valley ML Marissa

Sire: Ricketts 4 Tex

Sire: Ricketts 4 PF Jax

Dam: TX Twincreeks SEM Windswept

He is a good looking buck!

Ricketts 4 RO The Beast  *B   



**Blue Eyes**



Dam: Short on Heaven JM Faline  4*D 3*M

Sire: Rosasharn NP Jupiter Moon  *+B *+S

Dam: Short on Heaven CR Twin Bambi  AR  2*M 3*D

Sire: Buffalo Clover Romeo *B

Sire:  CH/MCH/PGCH Buffalo Clover Valentino *B +S

Dam: CH Little Tots Estate NuNu 3*M


This is a hard one for me to sell! I always considered him Romeo’s Mini Me, He is a very nice buck that I feel will be a great herd sire. The udder genetics he has on both sides are outstanding! He is ready to get busy!!

Falines Udder


You can send payment through PayPal, but please send it by Friends and Family, just put name of goat in the notes section. Our PayPal email address is ricketts4@centurylink.net

You can send a check for the deposit also, but will need cash at pickup.

Ricketts 4 LG Lottie Da



*Moon Spots*

Sire: MCH/CH Good Measure Farm           Legacy  *S

Sire: Good Measure Farm Estevan *S

Dam: High Hill Farm Wind Chime 3*D

Dam: Sweet Blossom Dixieland

Sire: MCH/CH Lost Valley CM Music Man *S

Dam: Little Tots Estate Peach

Lottie is a nice 3 yr old doe, she has freshened twice with twins both times. Her udder has continued to improve in size and shape. I am only selling her because I am wanting to keep some of my younger kids and don’t really want my numbers to increase, it has been a tough decision to let her go.


Tiger Lily’s Udder